Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Devops and Monitoring of BigData

Today when the DevOps approach seems to be a right one and long-time needed, the issue of smart monitoring is underlined more and more.
In the situation when not just a manual old-style deploy, but the automated tasks are running around your IT and BigData services - the need of qualitative "next-step" monitoring and crash-prevention is vitally

Together with Chef,Puppet and so on, WakeApp is definitely an answer to the DevOps challenge, and seems to be a only one ultimate anti-crash solution, which could analyze your data deep and fast, handle a full set of Open Source DevOps technologies.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Standard Set of Technologies at Consumer Web

A  real paradox of technological independence between size,  funds of company and its technical variety of tools occurs in Consumer Web domain.

The truth is that when you are a young startup of 2 people, sitting in the garage, as well when you are a multimillionaire company of 200 people in R&D - you still use by 99.99% the same Open Source Software.

Hadoop, MogileFS, Memcached, MongoDB, RoR etc - majority of the products use these skills to build up a robust scalable environment.

Uppspace's WakeApp system knows how to predict and analyze the potential crashes in all abovementioned frameworks during a real time analysis of Complex Event processing.  

Big Data as a success sign for modern Consumer Web

  Today, when the traffic's growth is one of the most significant signs for Consumer Web success, the preservation of such traffic results is a strong necessity.

OpenSource technologies like HadoopHPCC and others aims to give a simple way to create a distributed file system as well as Map-Reduce services to handle a huge data sets.
That's possible not only to the big succesfull firm, which can spent a lot of money for IT resources, but also to a small young startup in its beginning of the road.

So since the BigData trend and technology become a commodity for every SAAS vendor- the deeper and smarter monitoring and Anti-Crash solutions are 
 a challenge.